High Quality Tuition

The Tuition Centre provides high quality affordable tutoring in maths, English and science. Our teachers can support your child to improve their understanding and results in these three core subjects.

Outstanding and Inspiring Teachers

Outstanding and Inspiring Teachers

Subject Specialists Teachers

DBS Checks


Individualised Learning Programmes

Following a FREE assessment, an individualised learning programme will be created so that it meets your child’s learning needs. The assessment is designed to identify any gaps and strengths in your child’s learning.

FREE assessments

Tailored Programmes

Written and computer based resources

National Curriculum Compatibility


Small Group Tuition

The Tuition Centre provides tutoring in small groups of 2 to 4 students. This enables learners to receive more direct time from the teacher.

Secure and Stimulating Environment

Lots of one on one attention

Weekly sessions lasting 75 minutes

Weekly homework


Progress Reports

The Tuition Centre consistently monitor students’ progress which will lead to regular reports so that you can track your child’s progress.

Regular tutor feedback

Ongoing progress reports

Subjects we teach

Our tuition can significantly improve your child’s learning, confidence and motivation.

Ethos and Values

At The Tuition Centre, our priority is to deliver high quality tuition for students. Everything we do as an education centre is to ensure that the students achieve their very best to reach for the highest levels of personal achievement and development.
We value the combination of Challenge, Hard Work and Progress, as together they will bring SUCCESS.


We provide challenging work for all learners so that they strive to achieve their very best.


We never give up! We are determined to persevere with every student regardless of their challenges.


We aim to ensure that all our learners make exemplary progress and work towards attaining their academic abilities.


We focus on results and are willing to do whatever it takes to enable students to reach and surpass their target grades!

My son has been having tuition for his GCSE English and Maths at The Tuition Centre for 3 years. He he has made incredible progress and I have seen his grades increase significantly. The biggest change I have seen is in his confidence. His tutors have helped him believe in his own ability which combined with improving his knowledge. He is now well prepared for his GCSE exams.

Mr Tahir


Azeem has been at The Tuition Centre for over 2 years! He has improved his reading, writing and maths. He did well in SAT’s, greatly helped by his tutors. His confidence has been greatly enhanced. He is always treated with kindness and care.

Mrs Ahmed


I first joined The Tuition Centre at the end of Year 9. I had been failing in English and Maths. I was not really positive that I would be able to pass my GCSEs. However, with the help from my teacher Mrs Khan, Mrs Younus and Mr Hussain, I managed to achieve a Grade 8 in Maths and English. With two years of tuition, I was able to reach my target grades. Thank you for helping me.



I should like to extend my many thanks for teaching Holly over the past 2 years, and helping her achieve excellent English and maths GCSE results.

Miss Grimshaw


I enrolled at The Tuition Centre after I received some poor AS results in my January exams, I was struggling with some key basic principles in Biology. My tutors really took their time to understand my aspirations to pursue a medical career and really guided every step of the way to achieving an A in my A-Level Biology & Chemistry. I will cherish The Tuition Centre in my heart for really making the difference in my life.


(A Level student)
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