• Mathematical Reasoning
  • Arithmetic
  • Problem Solving and Reasoning
  • English Reading
  • Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar
  • Practice & Revision
  • Develop Skills
  • Exam Preparation & Confidence

At the end of Key Stage 1 and 2 (years 2 and 6) your child will tackle their SATs. These are a series of National Curriculum tests designed to assess whether your child is working below, above or at the national average level for children of their age.

Our KS1/KS2 SATs programme is structured around the current National Curriculum (last amended in 2014) and offers a high quality educational experience that will improve your child’s confidence and exam performance.

More importantly, we offer teaching for the Mental Arithmetic exam, as well as for all other Maths and English based exam papers your child will be tested upon.

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